Building Energy Efficient Future

HARESH ENG SERVICE WORKS is working to address the toughest challenges of energy delivery. We work in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Established in the year 2018. Still to date we have completed 8 to 10 projects on windmill and transmission-line. In continuously changing technological environment, our entire efforts are directed towards achieving sustainable development in the field of energy supply even in the most remote regions. We are committed to support the government vision of 24×7 energy supply to all. We work both in the field of integrated electric power transmissions and solar energy. Till now we have successfully completed 10 projects for both Windmill setups and electricity transmission-line setup. We deliver quality products and services in various energy sectors like Integrated Electric Power Transmission, Wind Energy Solutions, Solar Energy Solutions.

HARESH ENG SERVICE WORKS is leading solar panel manufacturer and suppliers. Sun is the efficient and most reliable source of energy. We manufacture solar panels that are excellent, because it runs on advanced technology. Solar Panels are the best investment one can make to get shorter payback and long term energy gains.

Rely us on for Innovative structure/design, prompt services, on-site visit and consultation, safety and world class services.



End-To-End Solutions

HARESH ENG SERVICE WORKS is a pioneer in integrated power transmission developers and Solar Power Plant Manufacturer. We are end-to-end solution provider – including Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance.

Best-In-Class Services

We deliver innovative and value added solutions and services in all the sectors of our projects. With the team of experienced professionals we use world-class technology to design, install, and provide best services to our customers.


Quality conscious company to ensure the right quality of the services/product at each stage. The company is continuously developing new solutions for better quality products for maximum customer satisfaction.


To become the best Renewable Energy Enterprises by providing professional, intelligent and diligent end to end services for all our customers with the aim to keep both our people and environment safe.


To Empower humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy delivery by providing high quality services at cost effective price.


Year Of Establishment : 2018

Director : Shantiben Narendrabhai Babriya

Location: Upleta Gujarat

Man Power : 9 employees

Core Values : Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Green Environment